Happy New Year! I can’t believe it’s almost the end of January already! Time flies so quickly in 2014 ;). We did a mini holiday shoot with the Pistone family last year and are so excited to finally share them. The lighting that day was great – despite weather forecasts for rain – and we had so much fun with their family. They were naturals in the scenic Malibu Solstice Canyon. LOVE this location!

In Korean culture, first birthdays are a really big deal (it’s called a “dohl janchi”: dohl refers to first birthday and janchi means feast/banquet). This was Jacob’s celebration feast when he turned one and so many family and friends came to help him celebrate! His parents, Sung and Joo did a great job with the decorating, planning, and food (taco guy!). If you look at the towers on the head table, you’ll see one adorable bejeweled dragon, which refers to Jacob being born in the year of the dragon in 2012. The kids had so much fun at the party with the face painter and balloon artist – as did several of the adults! Jacob is so blessed to have such loving parents and an adoring sister and brother. Congratulations!