Here’s a family we just can’t get enough of and a little baby boy who would steal your heart if you met him. We did the Chi’s family portrait last year while Joo was still pregnant with Jacob and now Jacob’s already turned one! (Check back later for the post on Jacob’s first birthday party – called a “dohl” in Korean.) Mady and Isaac are notorious for being shy but it’s so worth it when they warm up to you and you can catch their cute personalities and expressions on camera. And Jacob, well he’s just a natural. What a beautiful family!

Hey guys! Here’s something a little different for you in today’s post. We shot video for Daniel and Linda’s wedding at the Richard Nixon Library and it was so much fun! You may remember Daniel and Linda from their engagement session in LA. When they asked us to do their wedding video, we were so excited because video happens to be our other passion. Their wedding was beautiful, from the outdoor ceremony to the gorgeous reception in the grand ballroom. Everything reflected their personality and you could see all the care and planning they put into it. But my favorite part was how their vows complemented each others’ vows and you get an idea of how long these two have been together (10 years!) and are still so in love! Oh and check out the wedding photos from Conrad Lim!

Click to watch Daniel & Linda’s Wedding on Youtube