Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a great holiday season with time to catch up with family and friends. We got to spend time with this adorable family of four and do a holiday photo shoot with them at Hillcrest Park in Fullerton! I’ve known Heidi since we were ten years old so it’s crazy to see her with her own cute kids now (Austin and Emily). Heidi and her husband Jeremy are so good with their kids and it made the shoot so easy and fun to do. One of my favorite moments was when Austin looked up at me, smiled, and held my hand…just melted my heart! Hope you enjoy the photos as much as we did taking them!

Hey! So this is a little late since graduation season has passed, but still a good one to share! We got to tour around UCLA’s beautiful campus with our two super sweet and cute guides. Christopher and Carla both graduated this June from UCLA – congrats you guys!!