Happy New Year! I can’t believe it’s almost the end of January already! Time flies so quickly in 2014 ;). We did a mini holiday shoot with the Pistone family last year and are so excited to finally share them. The lighting that day was great – despite weather forecasts for rain – and we had so much fun with their family. They were naturals in the scenic Malibu Solstice Canyon. LOVE this location!

Here’s a family we just can’t get enough of and a little baby boy who would steal your heart if you met him. We did the Chi’s family portrait last year while Joo was still pregnant with Jacob and now Jacob’s already turned one! (Check back later for the post on Jacob’s first birthday party – called a “dohl” in Korean.) Mady and Isaac are notorious for being shy but it’s so worth it when they warm up to you and you can catch their cute personalities and expressions on camera. And Jacob, well he’s just a natural. What a beautiful family!